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Education Oppression — 101

February 16, 2014 by Tunya

When an oppressed people witness a call-to-arms, yet are held back, an outsider from M*A*R*S will ask:

W*h*y don’t these people rebel?  They are not hungry so aren’t storming the warehouses.  They aren’t slaves and escaping to freedom.  They aren’t without voice as there is an abundance of media to help their cause. 

Here is a man hollering for school choice, the crowd is yelling “NOW”, but nothing is happening.  W*H*A*T IS THE PROBLEM?

To help this M*A*R*T*I*A*N understand, we can list 100 obstacles.  Here is a start to name “NAMES” and PERCEPTIONS

1          POLITICAL CORRECTNESS               Self-censorship happens because years of conditioning and ridicule prevent one from calling a spade a spade — speaking to TRUTH is blunted by expectations of what “politeness” demands.  

2          FEAR               Actual or perceived HARM limits natural responses to threats.  Speaking out invites possible injury to students held captive, to advocates who may be shunned, to reporters who



nanny state growth







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