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Emancipatory Math — Who Needs It?

February 15, 2014 by Tunya

While studying Math issues, I found myself overwhelmed by how much of school curriculums are seen "emancipatory".  I found reference to schools needing to be "emancipatory". 

Where is this coming from.  Is the customer asking to be emancipated?  I remember the big discussions and concerns we had when 8 boys from a small village in Italy wrote the little book, LETTER TO A TEACHER.  They said that in fact this was NOT a letter to a teacher but to parents.  They wanted parents to arise and demand good education for them and other children.  

Now, these are "customers", asking to be emancipated — freed from ignorance.

But this wave of emancipatory educators seem to be self-appointed to free the world.

The Internet produces much such references, and I hope to distill some of this new :transformation" we are to be " grateful" for.

Perents in particular DO NEED to become aware of these self-appointed heros, utopians, totalitarians, whatever that are imposing untested experiments on our school children who are really often captive audiences.

I particularly am keen on reading this article — The End of the Fairy Tale of the Customer as King 

Aboriginal Math – What is That?

I need to find what this is all about, but Paige MacPherson, a journalist with Sun News TV mentions this as a program in BC's new curriculum.  

This video is worth watching — POLITICS IN THE CLASSROOM and has a short clip at the end about the Aboriginal Math program.  But, the whole show is with Michael Coren on the topic of public teachers and their political behavior.  One part is about a visit Prime Minister  Harper made to Vancouver Island in January and when a teacher took her class to protest where one student says something like this:  "I am here because I heard in history class that the Prime Minister is bad for the environment."  Coren thinks these are all inappropriate behaviors for public teachers.







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