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June, 2017

  1. Beach reading for “social justice warriors”

    June 8, 2017 by Tunya

    The Irony Of 10 Top Books For College Freshmen

    A list has appeared that college freshies are to read before joining their classes, Fall 2017.

    An impressive organization, the National Association of Scholars, supposedly produced the latest list for beach reading after compiling various university and college lists. NAS claims that such books could turn students into Social Justice Warriors.

    The top 10 include 5 (50%) of the titles dealing with African-American themes.

    This week’s news also brings in the story from Baltimore — population 2/3 African American — and which school system apparently produces no (zero, zilch, zip) students proficient in Math and English!

    Some of these schools are even named after African American protagonists; including Frederick Douglass whose own story of how he learned to read is a tearjerker.

    What kind of justice will these SJWs promote or extract for the children of Baltimore who don’t read or compute proficiently and have been supposedly deprived (deliberately or from incompetence) by their schools?

    Why doesn’t some irate person or group (NAS?) write an essay that might galvanize some obvious reform instead of just writing provocative outrage? Why doesn’t Annie Holmquist who writes for the Intellectual Takeout and brought this story forward do a tearjerker story instead of just repeating a news release?

    When will social justice happen in real time for those whose life chances have been cruelly crippled but who don’t lack for prompted cheerleaders at the sidelines? Oh, the irony!