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February, 2014

  1. parent rights in legislation – utah

    February 28, 2014 by Tunya

    From The Salt Lake Tribune, Feb 27, 2014

    Lawmakers advance ‘bill of rights’ for Utah parents – SB122

    Parents would have what amounts to a bill of rights in education under legislation forwarded to the full Senate on Thursday.

    SB122, sponsored by Sen. Aaron Osmond, R-South Jordan, list the rights parents have when dealing with schools, including some new rights.

    The bill aims to reengage parents who aren’t involved in their children’s education as well as those who have been shut out by educators, Osmond said.

    He wants an education system, he said, that recognizes "the parent really is the lead" and that will customize education to get the best outcomes for students . . .

    The version endorsed Thursday requires that schools make reasonable accommodations to let parents influence which teacher the child gets; visit classrooms; excuse a child’s absences; set the child’s level of academic rigor; excuse a child from statewide or national standardized tests; secure course credit if a child tests out or is competent in a subject; set the time for a parent-teacher conference; and be notified if a child violates discipline or conduct rules.

  2. Shortcuts To teacher training – australia

    February 27, 2014 by Tunya

    Teach for Amereica is a successful program that prepares university grads for teaching — in six intensive weeks.

    After six weeks of training at the University of Melbourne, TFA (Australia) program graduates teachers for two years teaching in disadvantaged schools that serve students from low socio-economic backgrounds. About half teach in the high demand STEM subjects, as many are recent graduates themselves with specialist degrees.

    Here is today’s news, Jan 15, 2014: On a fast-track to a career in education

    The TFA program will no doubt be an item in the Review just started by the new government of Tony Abbott.  Part of the reason his Liberal/National Coalition won the last Australian election over the governing Labor regime was public disaffection with a new National Curriculum — six years in the making — with a worldview that was considered “leftist”, “New Age” and full of “gobbledygook”.  [I guess that’s Australian for our “edu-babble”.]

    Australia, like Canada, has also been sliding in international education scores, so the Review will look at curriculum as well as teaching capacities.  Parents will have a say in the Review process.  Nick Cater, a respected culture critic, says the curriculum is “beyond saving”.  He disapproves of the “sustainability” agenda being “integrated” into all subjects — English, geography, history, mathematics, science — for example. 

    Cater says: “If the Education Minister is to be criticised, it is for imagining this irredeemable document can be tidied up and put back on the shelf when the only realistic course of action is to tear the damn thing up.”

    Australia is a rather bi-polarized nation, thus it will be a lively time as the Review Duo is to report back in six months time.

    I will be watching for these issues to be deliberated — Why a “national” curriculum at all when states are responsible for education? —  Should public funding be freed-up for a wider diversity of alternatives? — Will teacher training be critiqued for its role in mindsets and standards? — Should one worldview predominate or would a pluralist nation benefit from a live-and-let-live broadmindedness?

  3. Soviet Psychological Warfare — a factor in education subversion ?

    February 26, 2014 by Tunya

    Water off a duck's back.

    Why do sane, sensible people — those with tons of evidence about the folly of imposing untested and dubious education experiments on our young people — get so easily dismissed and cast as troublemakers, or worse?

    Could it be that we've been taken over by an alien ideology whose very proof of its entrenchment is the easy destruction of its critics?

    An old video of an interview with a Soviet Defector during the Cold War explains the techniques the KGB used to infiltrate the US.  What this video demonstrates is not just American penetration but also that of other Western nations, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Australia.

    Here are some clips from the video

    " . . . the main empahsis of the KGB is not on intelligence at all.

    85 % spent on a slow process ideological subversion, or active measures, Or psychological warfare  — to change the perception of reality of every American to such an extent, that despite the abundance of information no one is able to come to sensible conclusions — in the interests of the  family,  themselves, their families,   their community and their country.

    It’s a great brainwashing process, which goes very slow, and is divided into 4 basic stages

    1          DEMORALIZATION of a nation, takes 15 – 20 years.  That is the minimum.  Why, because it takes that many years to educate one generation of students in the country of your enemy  — expose to the ideology     of Marxism/Leninism 

    It’s being pumped into the soft heads of three generations of American students  — without being challenged or counterbalanced by the basic values of Americanism,  American patriotism.

    The demoralization process in the United States is basically completed already  — for the last 25 years.

    Actually, it’s over-fulfilled because demoralization now reaches such areas where previously [Russian leaders} wouldn’t even dream of such tremendous success

    Most of it is done by Americans to Americans, thanks to lack of moral standards. 

    Exposure to true information doesn’t matter any more.  A person who is demoralized is unable to assess true information. The facts tell nothing to him. Even if I shower him with information, authentic truth, documents, with pictures — even take him by force to show him Soviet concentration camps, he will refuse to believe it — until he gets a kick in his fat bottom.

    2 The next stage is DESTABILIZATION.  This time the subverter does not care about your ideas and the patterns of your consumption,,,,,,  this time 2-5 years  to destabilize a nation

    what matters is essentials — economy, foreign relations, defense system. In such sensitive areas as defense and economy, the influence of M/l ideas in the Un St is absolutely fantastic, I could never believe it, 14 years ago when I landed in this part of the world, that this process would come this fast.

    3  The next stage of course is CRISIS. Could only take six weeks to bring a country to the verge of crisis, and with a valid change of power, structure and economy, you have the so-called period of

    4 NORMALIZATION.  Which can last indefinitely.        normalization, is a  cynical expression, borrowed from Soviet propaganda  —  When the Soviet tanks moved into Czechoslovakia in  ’68 Brezhnev said  “Now the situation is normalized.”  This is what will happen in the United States if you allow all the schmucks to bring the country to crisis, to promise the people all kind of goodies, a paradise on Earth, to destabilize the economy, to eliminate principle of free market competition, and to put a Big Brother government in Washington, DC




  4. Freedom be damned — Transformation of Education will happen — like it or not

    February 25, 2014 by Tunya

    How FREEDOM is being compromised — how our 21st Century is like no other — bears a close watch.

    Right now forces are at work to TRANSFORM public education in many nations without our knowledge or permission.  Let's not forget all this is also a big experiment, and the usual protocols for how human subjects are put through the paces are nowhere to be seen.  What if there are HARMS that result?

    Anyway, in your school, in your community, watch for the signals of something DEEP happening — even on the scale of a global world government project !

    It’s a dead giveaway.  If you hear someone rhyme off the 4Cs without skipping a beat, you know you’ve got someone programmed to push “international  “21st Century Learning.

    Kathleen Wynne, Premier, ex-Ed Minister,  got it right — “creativity, collaboration, community and critical thinking.”  Usually, though it’s “communications” for her “community”, but anyway, you get the picture.

    Look for concepts thrown around like “deep thinking”, “going deeper”  — remind you of Transcendental Meditation maybe?  NO, it’s the new “transformation”.  BTW, “transform” and “transformation” are frequently used words. 

    Not “evolve’  mind you, where things happen by degrees and with considerable involvement and understanding.  “Transformation”, on the other hand is imposed and deliberately directed by “leaders” and guided through common documents, and really rather sneakily.  “Shady”, says Stotsky who was once on the CC Panel who broke away from sworn secrecy to raise an alarm.  She’s not the only one from that group.

    Please, just give Google a try.  Use these words — 4cs 21st Century Learning — and you’ll soon be on the track — the international trail.

    Two key books on the topic of Common Core and international agendas are:

    “Credentialed to Destroy – How and Why Education Became a Weapon” by Eubanks (see the reviews on but order from ca) and “The Story-Killers: A Common-Sense Case Against the Common Core”. 

    Spend an hour to hear Dr. Moore about the curriculum expected if Common Core is adopted in the US —

  5. suing the schools for fraud

    February 24, 2014 by Tunya

    Transcript of conference: Suing the Schools for Fraud: Issues and Legal Strategies. Transcript of a Conference: Fraud in the Schools. 1973

    "Our speculation on these events lead us to, forecast a case of fraud emerging in the educational arena., Based on this forecast we surveyed 200 individuals in the fields of law, school administration, government and universities One of the fundamental conclusions by 80% of the respondents was that a case of fraud would emerge and succeed within five years."  That forecast was in 1973.


    "He Was Graduated But Cannot Read


    As far back as 1970, Stuart A. Sandow foresaw 
    suits by "poorly educated" against schools for fraud as an emerging 
    problem in education law.

    Peter Doe v San Francisco Unified School District, 1972

    • general negligence
    • misrepresentation
    • breach of statutory duty
    • constitutional duties

    The student was of normal ability as determined by his school district.  He graduated and upon examination by two private reading specialists was found to be reading at grade 5 level.  His parents paid for private tutoring and has made significant progress in reading level.