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December, 2016

  1. 2016 – year of scary education roadmaps

    December 31, 2016 by Tunya

    2016 — Year Of Scary Education Roadmaps

    If we followed this blog (ISC) throughout 2016 we would have seen tons of links to organizations promoting their insights about needed education transformations. Most (probably 95%) had elaborate graphs, diagrams, flow-charts and roadmaps showing the inevitable great results to be had.

    If one photocopied — in full color — all these charts and posted them on the walls of a school gym one would be knocked out by the psychedelic overload!

    My nominee for the most astounding and scary chart is this roadmap from Global Education Futures (GEF). But be warned, you won’t be able to read it as is — I had to enlarge it at a print shop to size 24” X 36” and had to use strong reading glasses: Global Education 2015-2035

    Here are some of the projections:

    2018 – Obligatory Universal ID
    2019 – Psychosocial assessments to adjust education paths
    2020 – Threshold of Omniscience: all human culture digitized
    – Virtual Jail: criminals receive compulsory corrective education
    – Student Genetic Passport: individualized planning according to genotype
    – Our Common Kids: global unification of school standards
    2028 – The Great Psychic Divide: distance between users & non-users of cognitive products widens
    2030 – Cyberspace Graphomaniacs prompt anti-robot movement resulting in call for robot rights
    2035 – Kids a la Carte: elite gene patterns are available for purchase
    – Cognitive Revolution: “Forest of Minds” — full-fledged collective intelligence appears

    GEF says these transformations are being driven by waves of new technologies and powerful social shifts.

    Happy New Year — 2017 !