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Fascism — Takes One To Know One

February 17, 2014 by Tunya

Takes One To Know One

While New Age education (Common Core, Personalized Learning, 21st Century Skills, etc) is plainly being forced into place — in many places internationally and in tandem — it may not actually become embedded and irreversible as intended. 

Way too many people are starting to wake up and challenge not only the premeditated results of this project, but also the means.  Just looking at the methods tells you something questionable is being sneaked in.  When Sandra Stotsky, an original member of CC Validation Committee, calls the process “Rather Shady”— that says a lot.    70+ comments

A professor at Hillsdale College, Terrance Moore, says that teachers presenting common core scripts are “‘instructed’ to teach that “all right wing extremist groups are fascist”.  Here is a video of Prof Moore      660+ comments

And note that he explains three different kinds of “progressives” in education.  His recent book, The Story-Killers: A Common-Sense Case Against the Common Core, I’m glad to note, is recorded by as being purchased alongside “Credentialed to Destroy”. 

So, if “Fascism” is not to be taught as part of history, it will still be part of the vocabulary if CC pushers are calling their opponents “fascist”.  Won’t curious students still want to look up commonly used words?  And won't young people want to check, at least with their parents and grandparents, if name-calling is not part of these "old-fashioned" sayings:  "The pot calling the kettle black", or "It takes one to know one" ?


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