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Family Right to Education Choice #1

February 20, 2014 by Tunya

For a copy of Parent Rights in the Education of Their Children see:
The rights compiled here are those that generally apply in most democratic countries. They have been gathered from sources in Canada, United States, England, and Australia. Some of these rights are self-evident, some are inscribed in law. Others are simply standards which parents have grown to expect when good educational practice is followed.

“Parents have a prior right to choose the kind of education that shall be given to their children.” (Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1948)

This means, that while parents have a duty to see that their children are educated to a reasonable level of self-sufficiency and citizenship, they can choose how this is to be accomplished: public, private or church schools, tutoring, correspondence courses, home study, or other styles. If a style other than a public school is chosen and the parents are challenged, the onus is generally on the state to demonstrate that the child is not being educated at a level equal to his peers in a public school. The mandate of the public schools is to make available to all children in the community an education which is free, appropriate and equal. Parents have a right to choose and expect at least that minimum for their child.
Added notes, Jeb 20, 2014
Those words above were written in 1975 when a group of parents sat down to gather and codify parents rights.  Much os what was written then undoubtedly apples today — with revisions or additions necessary to meet current times, especially concerning the ubiquitous presence of technology.
HOWEVER:  On this topic of choice and parents as consumers/ clients, customers of the education system, I am ever watchful that some are trying to recast parental primary role into a more incidental support role.  Progressives generally quote the UN Rights of the Child and forget the UN Declaration of Human Rights when talking about children.
Other progressives want to define "students" as the customers, and teachers as "oin loco parentis.
Still others insist that the learners are "students and teachers" together.
All these attempts at watering down the primary family responsibility in education need watching and challenging. 

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