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faculty-driven student protests ? ? ?

December 23, 2017 by Tunya

“The whole issue was faculty-driven!” so says Michael Campbell, Financial Analyst and host of Money Talks. He was referring to the scandalous experience at Wilfred Laurier University where a Teaching Assistant was brought before a tribunal to answer for showing a TVclip of JBPeterson in her class. You may be aware that Peterson is NOT loved by many faculty because he challenges political correctness and it was even inferred — during her inquisition — that showing Peterson without disapproval was like showing Hitler in class without condemnation.

Michael Campbell had chosen Lindsay Shepherd as The Person of the Year, 2017, on his show and praised her character and courage for taking on the anti free-speech and anti-open discussion advocates in both Canada and the US. He found it astonishing that the independent fact-finder found that indeed there was NO student or formal complaint about this TA. Only because she had taped the session was she afforded scrutiny and an independent fact-finder into this incident when she was cleared of contributing to a “toxic” environment!

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