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Effective Schools – Cassandra Effect

August 9, 2017 by Tunya

Cassandra Speaks on Education . . .

Cassandra Speaks on Education . . .

As a parent, now grandparent, activist in the traditionalist camp from the northern hemisphere (British Columbia, Canada) I can attest to the truth of these observations by Greg from Australia. But will his insights be heeded?

Fads and defensiveness seem to be perennial features in the education industry.

Fortunately, for future generations of kids, we are seeing a surge toward evidence-based practice. Organizers behind the researchEd programs currently spearhead this move. I know Greg has been active in helping this movement in Australia. Canada will soon see this event here.

Tom Bennett from the UK has been the leader in this movement and in April I found myself comparing Tom’s work and articles with the leading lights of an earlier era. You might want to visit my short essay — Effective Schools Movement: 40 Years Ago

I referred to the remarkably discerning work done by Ron Edmonds on Effective Schools and noted that #8 of his checklist was imperative: “Avoidance of Pitfalls — Up-to-date awareness of good educational practice plus retaining currency in the field concerning promising and discredited practices.”

I applaud Greg for bringing forth his arguments again and again. What will it take for those in the education field to practice what they preach?


[my comment to Greg Ashman blog, Filling the Pail, 5 ways to damage a good school]


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