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Social Contract NOT “evolving” But Steered

April 4, 2014 by Tunya

“Evolving Social Contract” (?) —  Deliberately Steered

YES!  Norms and ethics evolve over time.  Usually without force or coercion.  Same goes for some kind of general social contract — usually results in a more civic society.

There is a lot of literature on this and I like to see how even rules evolve without necessarily being written down or legally regulated — see Nobel winner in Economics work, Elinor Ostrom, on governing the commons, etc.

But this Common Core business and all its siblings is anything but evolutionary and spontaneous. It's non-consensual, untested and force-fed human experimentation without safeguards.

It’s coercive in so many ways but most glaringly it’s how it’s bought with cold cash.

Last night at 3:am I just awoke and couldn’t get back to sleep.  Thought I’d check my emails and saw a new and thoughtful anti-CC video — Building the Machine

It’s a very complex show and very mixed up without a clear story line.  However, regular visitors on this blog are already tuned-in and will undoubtedly appreciate the video (40min).

I did hear one thing I never knew before.  When states and universities sign on to CC, they agree NOT to produce remedial courses in universities and colleges for remedial math and English.  About 40% of K-12 grads seem to need these in post secondary.  Is this true?  And Why?

Secondly, I heard this loud and clear, that even though there is so much questionable about the coercive implementation of CC, it’s the question of “Just whose child is it?” that’s equally worth challenging.

This is produced by HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association) and I praise them.  There is much food for thought — just wish it was better organized to more clearly differentiate who’s Pro and Con.

I think the issues surrounding home education are the canary in the mine.  As long as we can still educate children free of the state or central control, freedom has a chance.

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