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Adjusting Worldviews To “Sustainability” Agendas

April 10, 2014 by Tunya

HUNDREDS Of Worldviews Stripped To FIVE For Ecology Purposes

If someone tells you they have a firm worldview that consistently governs their behavior and beliefs do you believe him?

There are many tricky issues around the topic “worldview”.  Just see and Search for “worldview”.  Tons of books come up. And it’s interesting to read the reviews— many differing views.

Worldview is NOT a settled matter.

But now worldviews need to be grouped, classified, and measured.  And to make things simple five is better than 100s. In the cause of global ecology there will need to be instruments to psychometrically measure and pigeon-hole people.  Just as IQ tests were developed to help screen soldier recruits for war, worldview tests are to be developed to advance the ecology movements and to deal with resisters. 

Here is the glossy cover of one such effort  — Worldviews and the transformation to sustainable societies

 If the language seems inscrutable here is the paper on this topic

Still inscrutable?  Well here is the first sentence of the above article:

“A change of behaviors in a more sustainable direction is generally considered to be of vital importance for realizing the urgently needed transition to an ecological economy and society.”  (Annick Hedlund-de Witt)

I am fairly certain this paper was written with generous funds  — public or private.  I am fairly certain, also, that this resulting paper is just another plea for more (probably massive) funds to start developing these instruments of measurement, selection, coercion and treating resisters.  

A lot of it reads like highly charged propaganda in the name of “how society should be organized.”

If one is following the epidemic of theories, experiments and proposals to “transform” society via global education — and said person is showing some deep foreboding and fear — then one could easily be labeled a conspiracy theorist.  But more people are starting to see some pattern to this foisting of massive changes on schools and society and starting to ask questions. Why are children told in schools they can change the world?  Why is sustainability being built into curriculum across subjects?

It takes decades to understand and deal with medical epidemics.  How long will it take before this man-made mind-change epidemic is fully understood before too much damage is done? 


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