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Education Issues 30 years ago

February 5, 2014 by Tunya

30 years ago in BC we had province-wide discussions about education and changes recommended.

A well-prepared pamphlet laid out the scenarios and issues — Let's Talk About Schools.

This is my third post itemizing the 41 specified issues — though people were encouraged to add anything else to the discussions they felt needed attention.

30.  Should funds to schools be targeted for specific purposes? 

31.  Should financial resources be shared equally between elementary, intermediate and secondary schools on a per capita basis? Should school districts utilize school-based budgeting systems? 

32.  Are existing levels of funding adequate to meet current public expectations for schools? 

33.  Should parental and pupil responsibilities be specifically codified in law? 

34.  Should parents be allowed to keep their children at home and provide schooling for their youngsters 

themselves? Should parents receive assistance in schooling children at home? 

35.  Should a period of compulsory schooling exist or should pupils be required instead to attain certain levels of achievement? Is the present period of compulsory attendance for children aged seven to 15 satisfactory? If not, what should be the period of compulsory attendance? 

36.  Do current training programs for teachers offer adequate preparation for careers in the classroom? Who should set policies for teacher education programs and certification? Are current provisions for in-service or professional development adequate? 

37.  Should professional development or the "upgrading" of teacher qualifications be made a condition of continuing employment? Should teachers be permitted to teach only in the subject and grade areas in which they are trained? 

38.  How can teacher professionalism be demonstrated? How can it be monitored and evaluated? Who should monitor and evaluate teacher professionalism? 

39.  Should school principals be granted greater authority in designing school programs? Or in administering resources allocated to their schools? 

40.  If individual schools had their own school councils what would such a development mean to the role and responsibilities of principals? 

41.  Should school principals be part of an employee bargaining unit? If so, should this bargaining unit be the same one that represents teachers? 





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