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January 2, 2014 by Tunya

Be open to triggers. A negative reaction to something can trigger positive PUSHBACK.

This is what happened to me.  A friend advised not to resist changes being imposed in public education.  Even if I had good reasons to be skeptical— just vote properly in the next election.

Mulling it over caused a serious reaction — a need to respect my instincts — and not at some future time fantasize that my vote counts.  Quickly, these options jumped out.

1          EXIT – It’s still a free country.  Parents can home educate their kids.  Or, if they can afford, find a private school that still believes in the basics.

2          PETITION — Start or join a petition to get government attention. A petition for math reform, for example, has already gained some grip in 2 of 4 Western Canadian provinces

3          EXPOSE VESTED INTERESTS — Sometimes there are questionable supporters that cast doubt on a proposal or program.  Maybe there are profit motives or some sociopolitical agenda at play.  When told that our BC education “transformation” had to go ahead because it was “international” we started to connect the dots.  Still at it.

4          BREAK-AWAY PROFESSIONALS — More resistance and voice from practicing experts and authorities are helpful to further demonstrate harm and waste.   Thankfully, a few can be found who are brave enough to start “rocking the boat”!

5          MEDIA NEEDS MORE INFORMATION — Unfortunately, too much of media is just a job to be done, some space to be filled, some “human interest” to be milked for more audience.  But, we can find some reporters who care about substance and who need basic information to develop good pieces.

6          LEGAL ACTION SHOULD BE PREPARED — Not sure of the categories, but here are a few key words:  malpractice, fraud, breach of statutory duty, anti-trust, sedition, corruption, negligence, failure to accommodate . . .

7          HELPLESS, HOPELESS, HAPLESS NO MORE — Any individual can be a global citizen through the wise harnessing of social media — blogging, twitter, Facebook, YouTube, group emails, etc.  Both for gathering and disseminating information, the possibilities are limitless and virtually free in the cause you wish to nourish, small time or big time. 


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