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Parent Involvement & The Political Principle

January 5, 2014 by Tunya

Book Review:

Parental Involvement and the Political Principle — Why the Existing Governance Structure of Schools Should be Abolished, Seymour B Sarason, 1995 Jossy-Bass Pub

Sarason was a psychologist whose many books about education reform leaned heavily on motivations for people's actions.  

From the cover of the book:  "For school to change, not only must a new school governance replace the old, it must also confront and answer the question: Governance for what educational purpose?"

Those of us in the trenches of ed reform bemoan, tear our hair out, and wail: the system runs for the conveneince of "the system", for those who run the system and exploit it for their own vested interests.

In Economics this is various called producer capture, provider capture, or elite capture.

I will provide a lot more material on the book's important insights later as this site, and the Parent Tribal Memory project gets rolling along.

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