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Culture Wars In Education

January 16, 2014 by Tunya

The parallels are unnerving — the Chinese Cultural Revolution of the 60’s with its beatings and wholesale intimidations  — and the browbeating and intimidations in imposing the common core/21st Century Learning — both were/are meant to permanently change minds and behaviors to what the elite demands.

CC/21CL methods are demonstrating these CCR similarities:

– Dumbing down, moving populations to mediocrity through equality measures, assuring compliant populations

– Brain changes through withholding of basic skills in key early years — Left/Right sides of the brain are engaged differently through phonics and math drills than with inquiry and discovery.  Brain pathways can be irreversibly crippled for later corrections and precision learning.

– Language is used to deceive — parents are told they are empowered with new engagement and communications strategies, but the effect is to befuddle and enfeeble parents from true monitoring of their kids in schools.

–  In the Chinese Cultural Revolution the “olds” were to be forgotten, demolished, (old street names, photos of ancestors, solid old furniture) to be replaced by the “news” — new customs, new culture, new habits, new ideas. In the Final Report by Deloitte (p26) — Preparing Youth for 21st Century Responsible Citizenship, this is what is revealed as a  “threat” to our young  — “old thinking by old people in old problems and old constructs.” A good number of similar change-agent documents are painting “traditional”, “conservative”, and “Right” thinking as “old”, outdated.

These are just a few disturbing conclusions I’ve been tormented with this week.  I’m only a granny with grandkids in school.  I really worry for the parents who have charge of their children full time.  How can they possibly handle such disturbing news that their children are being used as guinea pigs in untested experiments?  A story came out today where teachers themselves were crying because of new reporting methods being imposed on them.

Australia has just announced a Review of its NEW NATIONAL CURRICULUM, developed during 6 years of a Labor government regime and which was seen as producing a curriculum with a decidedly leftish worldview.  The new conservative government anticipates a volatile 6-month Review period.

[I posted the above on an American blog — "Invisible Serfs Collar" with the following note to the author:

BTW Robin:  This last post of yours was the most disturbing of all your other 200 posts.  That Deloitte article which I looked up really tore the cataracts off my eyes. And your conclusion:  “Deliberately creating the discontent and then mining it for ever increasing political power and diminishing mass prosperity” is way too depressing.  But, it’s the recurring theme in your book and posts and reality as it’s being revealed to us.  The CCR lasted 10 long years!]

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