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40 years ago – recommendations

January 28, 2014 by Tunya

The Public Testimony on Public Schools made recommendations to improve American schools and their governance.

  1. Steps be taken to improve the "legislative process" in educational policy making . . . a rredistribution of responsibilities for policy decision at each legislative level — state, local district, and school.
  2. A council at each school with appropriate responsiblity and authority. The school council should b e elected and should share authority and responsibility for curriculum, school program budgeting, school progress reports, and personnel evaluation.
  3. a) Responsibility for negotiations with teachers remain with the local school board . . . provided with independent staffsor consultants to assist in analyzingthe impact of b argaining demands and in developing strategies and policies and b) School boards should seek independent advice or staff to dev elop policies that represent a balance between professional and lay concerns.
  4. A local school board establish procedures to involve the public responsibly in the process of negotiations. a) inclusion of citizens in the development of school bargainig positions; b) public hearings; c) broad dissemination and distribution of the board's position on the major bargaining issues d) open and publicized negotiations; e) press notification of meetings.
  5. State legislatures substantially increase the power of and the staff support for education committees so that there can be effective legislative monitoring. 
  6. more later 

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