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Book Discovery – AHA – 2

November 26, 2013 by Tunya

Lesson Plan #2: Technology At The Forefront

► To appreciate the extent that technology is to be used in 21st C

  √     Internet to be used for searching for facts.

  √      Data will be gathered —attendance, assessments.

  √     Learning styles and attack skills possible to gauge through gaming.

► Concerns such as “privacy” and “data mining” are raised.

►Have you heard that teachers won’t be teaching “factoids” but will be “facilitating” inquiry-learning?  Evaluation of learning will focus on process, not content and book learning. 

Cartoons are increasingly appearing that remark on the state of the dilemmas in education.  Some ridicule the changes, some pose questions, expose contradictions, and some simply tell it like it is.


What is troubling — for me —  about this cartoon is that I found in on a list-serve of "consumers" of education.  Very few made any insightful comments.  Most just thought it was "cute", just the way it is.  Only one reader said in effect:  Books or no books, kids still need to learn to read.

Significantly also, this comic is spreading on a nunmber of ethnic sites.  I can't read other languages so don't know the conversations.  

This is a great comic and I would like to attribute the author, but my IT guy can't find the source.  Anyone know who to thank?





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