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March 17, 2013 by Tunya

Today freedom has different enemies.

It must be fought for in different ways.

It will take very different qualities of mind and heart to save it.

                                               – John Holt (1923-1985 home education pioneer)



  1. Desmond says:

    Who are u to bother these schools about stuff u don't even have a kid

    • Tunya says:

      Hello Desmond.  Grandparents Do Care About Schools Today

      Even if schools are way different than they were when we went to school, it seems that the same problems keep coming up.  We should not keep re-inventing the wheel, as the saying goes.  New people can learn from the experiences of the past.

      For example since the Environment is a big subject in schools these days, we want to make sure that students get the correct information.  Furthermore, students should have the right to challenge the material being presented if it doesn’t seem right.

      In England when a father saw that “The Inconvenient Truth” was being shown in schools without a balanced approach, he took the issue to court.  He won the case and now whenever that movie is shown in class it must follow certain guidelines, including pointing out NINE mistakes.

      If this movie is to be shown in your school I hope you bring forward the guidelines that are being used in England.  See them here:

      I look forward to having a conversation with you again soon.

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