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December 22, 2012 by Tunya

Another MORALITY TRAGEDY is being enacted right now in the public school domain. The elected government in the Province of Ontario, Canada, is in the throes of being destabilized by deliberate and concentrated actions of the teacher unions. Their claim is that new legislation — responding to straitened economic circumstances — will drastically reduce their pay packets and constrain collective bargaining rights.

For that reason, the whole of the Province must pay for the professionally well-paid teachers’ tiff and sense of outrage.

Labor Peace seems to be a fragile possibility at this point — everyone wants it — parents, students, politicians, the public and the everyday workers and teachers in the public schools.

BUT, are you willing to sell your soul to the Devil for Labor Peace?

One unionist says teacher federations’ hearts are with the NDP, that is, a socialist government. Teacher unions internationally are know to be left of center and eager to participate in social engineering to transform society. They usually endorse and support the election of left political parties.

This same unionist says disseminating these ideas, “carefully and slowly throughout the school system” is OK!

We in British Columbia, Canada, have just been through all that, with our militant teacher unions poised, ready, and well oiled, to usher in an NDP government in our next Provincial Election, May 14, 2013.

The tactics and strategies being used in Ontario now were fine-tuned in BC this last year — including the withholding of vital information to parents via Progress Report Cards.


Here is one of the buttons the BC Teachers Federation produced for use during this period. How do people feel being victimized by such threatening images of an enraged viper? How do people feel about using such images to gain power behind the throne of public education ?

That VIPER is not just a poisonous deadly snake. It is also an image used by people to portray the DEVIL and EVIL. People may be tempted to sell their souls for tenuous Labor Peace. But look at the moral costs.

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